Monday, 18 February 2013

There Goes the Evil

"He is drunk", said the supposedly pious man leaving the mosque back towards home; pointing at the man who was lying on a street bench under a tree rich with dry autumn leaves. He was followed by another man saying the same about that cold senseless man on the bench. It has always stayed a human nature generally as well as specifically to stay judgemental at spectacular aspects of world and its happenings. An old beggar, who had witnessed this whole scenario, looked at him curiously as every passing person cursed, claiming him evil, Satan and drunk. It was a cold night and the old beggar had no coins to fill his starvation except a small blanket he carried with him and a half slice of bread. Scared of the drunk evil man he thought he might rob his blanket and the bread or perhaps he might hurt him as he is evil and being drunk would be out of  his senses too. As the streets cleared in silence, the man got up from the bench and walked towards the beggar, The poor old defenceless beggar lost the grounds under his feet along with the voice to cry out for help as he saw him thrusting his hands into his pockets to take out the knife. He closed his eyes rather than seeing his chest ripped from his shoulders.

As the foot steps stopped, nothing happened except the sound of the coins and a cash change dropped in his blanket. Shockingly opening his eyes, the old beggar was amazed to find the man neither drunk nor his shining face and the quiet stare of his eyes showed the horrors of an evil. As the man turned to walk away the poor old beggar stopped him and asked, "They said you are a drunk, evil, Satan, why would they say that"?

The man smiled and replied  ''I do get drunk some times, my fellow ! Yet they were just helping the evil ! A dark evil marketing his presence indebted within their souls''.

Dissipated, the old beggar blessed the man as he walked away down the street.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Rights to Ask ?

Pakistani people are obsessed with the might of  the army, some times they are so obsessed that they fear army and the intelligence agencies more than the enemy itself.

Question 1 :   Does fear causes respect in hearts ?

Question 2 :   Can a poor nation like us afford such a huge infrastructure of military and weapons worth                
                      billions of dollars ?

Question 3  :  Is it wise not to show the least interests in nation building, political stability and education
                      giving  more  importance to war slogans and hatred ?

Question 4 :   Raising the voice for your basic rights is a treason ?

Question 5 :   Can our international policy not rely on better flexible diplomacy in terms of peace rather than
                      conflicts in the region with our neighbour countries ?

Question 6 :    Would my children have better future in the same exhausting environment we have lived
                      all our lives ?

Monday, 21 January 2013

Quotes & Sayings

  • Life as we know has many flavors to offer, lets see what it offers in the menu today.

  • Surrender your thoughts in peace as yet another battle awaits you in the morning

  • Strike when you are asked to fight, sing when you are at peace

  • Hug is the best soul preacher

  • Make them believe they are special as no man is without worth

  • Words have meanings, even the slightest touch speaks the marvel of wisdom

  • I fallow humanity more than the religion its self

  • Nothing inspires more than being a gladiator of the arena approaching you

  • Do we need to justify the cause of knowledge for every human soul while you cursed them with weapons and hatred

  • The horrors of dictatorship has not yet faded, We shall stand for freedom & Justice

  • A revolutionist is quit a scholar himself defines the meanings of the cause and raises the blades for the ideology

  •  I do not fear death, i fear those who dramatize it

Monday, 24 December 2012

Sachin Tendulkar ‘’ A legend of Spartacus, Napoleon Bonaparte and Alexander’’ in the arena of World Cricket.

I grew up watching the greatest legends fading and appearing in the arena of Cricket, Nothing could have been more pleasures than watching Pakistani team winning the 1992 world cup. Imran khan standing as a champion while thousands cheered as he gazed upon them with a crystal trophy shining high up above the hearts of the people. This was a Legend I was going to see the last time on the grasses of the stadium. How could be anyone with such a glory was going to part its self from the gladiatorial fights of the arena for whom I had always cheered.  I admired the man as I admired the legends of Andy Roberts, Allan Border, Greg Chapel, Kepil Dev, Rod Marsh and the legends I heard about Frank Worrall. itself
Yet my heart forged to see a legend who may appear on the grounds and yet may leave but his versatility over his opponent shall be remembered as legends of all the legends in arena. When he stands even the skies fall upon the knees of the glory, when he moves so the ground moves as for the glory and when he waves his sword high against the most ferocious bowlers attacking him he slits off the opponent with the blade of his sword. He wins the hearts of the millions again and again and continues to do so as long as the strength of his arms lays upon the glory and yet his legend lives for centuries to comes.

As the time passed with my mind and thoughts seeking for a champion, a man hardly five and a half feet tall caught my attention. He looked smaller than the other giant Gladiators, They called him Sachin. How can this little man face the fury of the greatest bowlers of the arena when even the greatest giants feared for being slaughtered mistaking to step upon the pitch? But the man was different. He had a glittering shine in his eyes and a shimmering move as he walked upon the sands of the pitch. His Helmet armor shined in the sunlight as he stood a knight with the sword thriving to strike the gold in arena. Without the stress of fear the man passed through the shadows of the giants gazing upon him with the thirst of Blood and destruction, It seemed like they wanted to tear the little man apart making a lesson for no man with such a stature to ever even consider entering the arena in their presence. As the giants opened the gates of the hell upon the man running on the ground to throw the hell fire upon him the man waved his sword and stroke the hellfire crushing the heat with its blade high across the arena. The entire arena rose as if the lost spirits had awakened in the call of victory. Yes! This was the man ‘’ who brought the entire arena in the roar of the glory’’ they cheered and chanted his name and loved him but what they didn’t know the greatest legacy of the man had just begun, He was to bring more glory to them as for the years to come. No one had ever been as versatile as the man appeared each time facing the giants winning the hearts of the people. Each single day as passed his glory shines high above the skies. He became the greatest of all the gladiators, even the most ferocious giants now feared facing the man. He made his entire nation proud and people from all across the world love him as he entertained them. His name is Sachin Tendulkar. Though today he has officially announced to leave the arena yet the world will remember him for a thousand years as the greatest gladiators of all gladiators, the glory that shall shine in his name for ever and a legacy to be followed for generations to generations.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Quotes & Sayings

  • All Jews are not rich & clever just like all Muslims are not terrorists & just like all Christians are not crusaders and just like all Hindu's are not Brahmins and just like all German's were not Nazi's and just like Savage's are not Cannibals.They are all common Human's determined by the proclaimed virtue of their beliefs. In the end, nature is beautiful and a human enjoys the smile of the beauty, nature has to offer.

  • The Language of Royalty is half pleasure of Alcoholic-ism.

  • In old times people visualised heavens & expressed the beauty in open speeches , scriptures & the books becoming Prophets, today Hollywood Visualised heavens in 20th century and expressed the spirits in Filming's & animations earning the title ''Disney Paradise''.In both the situations common people got utmost thrilled & excited. Moral : They should spread the beauty no matter what so ever is the source.

  • Social working : I want to open a fire Brigade Department in Hell.

  • Those leaders who think patriotism is the name of establishing the policy of international conflicts are actually deprived with in their own sphere's.

  • There comes a time in life when imagination is more important than knowledge.Knowledge is an open path to the gates of knowing, understanding & experiences but then comes the person's imagination that encircles the entire world ''I wish i could grab the entire world's knowledge in my fist & twist it apart as a magic in my life.  

  • A man is a social donkey specially during the office Hours.

  • That person can never ever experience the beauty of a wolves howl at a full moon night & rain drops slowly tipping the grounds while the nature speaks its marvellous languages of a God's merciful approach to the mankind that makes him the greatest of all , who finds calmness in the ugly sounds of  an A-K 47 living in the ugly shadows of his little mental approach claiming to be the defender, guardian or a preacher of his own kind.

  • Philosophy is a human instinct & when it comes to the concentration of Political philosophies it disperses itself with the birth of a new ideology & those who still live in the world of distractions actually don't want to prosper but die instantly. 

  • When you dance with a devil you wait for the music to stop.

  • Every one wants to be an engineer but no one wants to be an inventor , Everyone wants to be a part of civil society but no one wants to be a social scientist (a Philosopher) because everyone is scared of his future forgetting the stance of creativity, That's our society                                                                                        (In reference to Pakistan & all the struggling nations Globally)

  • If  heavy militarisation was the only solution rather than education & prosperity aim sure our nation would have been a paradise by now but i see paradise only in Cantonments, defence housing  societies & military installations.                      (In reference to Pakistan)

  • The extermination of injustice & poverty exists not in the hands of capitalism, communism, fascism or any existing governing concepts! but the social revolution of the human kind all over the world placing the productive capacities of society into collective ownership. Upon this, material foundation classes would be abolished & the material basis for all forms of inequality between humankind would dissolve.

  • The relationship of Krishna and Radha in Mahabharat is an  depiction of all romantic exceptional stories of Romeo n Juliot, Ram and Seeta , Heer Rangha , Shah Jahan & Mumtaz Mahal.

  • Beauty is a harmonious relation between nature & the quality of the object that delights us : Relations , love , essence of humanity and brotherhood & a beautiful smile. 

  • Why Army Officers always use the same Phrase ''Bloody Civilians'' in Pakistan ? Its because the bloody civilians don't have to take their pants off in front of their officers. 

  • I must study politics and war so that my son may have the liberty to study Mathematics & Philosophy.

  • A country where more than 180 million people are waiting for God should be a country where people should believe in God but must have faith on themselves introducing the broader vision to their thinking capacity and ideologies.                                         (In reference to Pakistan & all the struggling nations Globally)

  • A nation is like a person who is a part of a social circle, either the person stays dumb and gets himself openly exploited or he gathers his strength & moves along in the circle of the globe with others maintaining its Honor, dignity and self respect.

  • Nationalism is the name of hatred = Nazism, Charming in the beginning but the ultimate future = The worst disaster.

  • The countdown has begun for the real democracy all around the world, Kingdom-ism and all the fascist regimes had to die one day , i'm glad aim the part of history today.                                                                                    (In reference to Egyptian ,Libyan and Syrian revolution)

  • Past is a History & History is a dream when you fall into it.

  • And when Molvi Sahab kept insisting to the scared, hungry people hidden inside a dark room about outer world invaded by the Zombies, one man finally stood, opened the door for the first time in 70 years, saw no Zombies but a bunch of clowns in their fancy dresses staring him, they came to him & asked why you people are hiding behind the doors. The man replied i thought you were a sign of evil for us but i didn't know the real Zombie was hiding within us.

  • If God has arranged Lambada dance party for good people in Heavens, i'm sure he won't mind if we train ourselves a little bit here on earth for the big celebration.

  • Its interesting we the humans regardless of any religion manage to find the natural portrays of their respective Gods anywhere around the entire planet, a fish with Allah name or a rock with Muhammad's name, A tree with a crucified Jesus portray or a Hanuman shaped child Ganesh with an elephant trunk portray on a tree or a Judith finding Moses commandments on a mountain rock.The whole of the nature speaks the language of a beautiful mare's nest.

  • It is not consciousness of men that determines their existence but on contrary its their social existence that determines their consciousness.

  • People try to convert others to a belief in their own explanation to universe.This is where the religions are born & when it reaches its heights it shapes it's self into a  complicated theory.

  • The most fascinating fact we can experience are the mysterious people around us: It is the source of arts & Behaviour.

  • Conspiracy Theories: '' No one ever saw a goat dead of hunger but who killed the dinosaurs.May be Cow boys Americans.

  • There are three states in Pakistan. Army ! who rules and loots the country, Government that robs the nation & the public transport union that can exceed 100 k/h with pathetic driving techniques almost taking another person's life.

  • An army is a state in a state Monarchy who is sick of liberty and doctrine, literally existence & theoretical greatness.What it wants is Power, Power and  Power (In reference to Pakistan)

  • You know the difference between recession & depression. If you are doing MBA , that's a recession but if you ain't doing any thing that's a depression.

  • Our national language ''Urdu'',but Karachi heights are named as Urdu speaking, our law & constitution written in English, some what 95% don't understand the language, our religion in Arabic,some what not even 1 % understand, and then we wonder why are we a confused nation.

  • If you don't have a good choice then its not my fault.

  • The era of Byzantines & Rome was the era of glory for Christians lands, the era of crusade's was the era of dark ages for Christian lands, The era of Caliph's was the era of glory was Muslim lands, the era of Mullah's and Talibs is the era of dark ages for Muslim lands.Moral of the story ''God forgot to send a Prophet for Socrates and Alexander as their lands shined before & they still shine till today.

  • Having Religion Absent of Spirituality is a Curse.

  • You are not Stupid as we thought, You might be intelligent ,that's dangerous for a slaves ''Mulla ,General and a politician''speaking to an ordinary Pakistani who challenges their Decision.   

  • Life is easy if one has an angel or a devil inside him but having both of them equally balanced and commanding is hard but when implemented in statesmanship both can produce a great legacy for the man commanding over the masses and the legend lives on.

By Hassan Durrani